Prepping your home for exterior painting – Pressure Washing

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Prepping your home for exterior painting – Pressure Washing

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The first step in preparing your home’s exterior for a new coat of paint and/or primer is extremely important.  Removing the dirt, grim, mildew and other blemishes to ensure that the paint properly adheres to the surface is necessary.  Failure to prep the exterior service will lead to an unsuccessful paint job causing more issues.

If the debris isn’t removed properly, the new paint could easily bubble, chip off and cost you more time and money overall by having to repaint or hire another contractor to fix it and restore the cosmetic appearance of your home.

A few things to keep in mind if you are looking to have your home’s exterior painted.

Are you painting the home yourself?

  • Painting the exterior of you home can be exciting, yet exhausting.  The thought of a new paint job or color to brighten up your home and have it looking like new can get the DIY juices flowing. Tackling a painting job on your own isn’t a big deal.  However, just like anything other project, make sure you research and prepare for the exterior painting to be done.  A few things to consider:
    • If you happen to be part of an HOA, you might want to check if there are any rules or stipulations about painting your home before proceeding.
    • Talk to a professional and/or research the type of paint that is best for the outside of your home. Using the wrong paint can be a disaster.
    • Decide how you are going to apply the paint. From sprayers, rollers or even brushes, there are a number or ways to apply a coat of paint.  Some methods work better based on the home’s exterior surface.
    • Lastly, make sure you properly prep the exterior walls or surfaces of your home before painting them. The most efficient way is to pressure clean, also called power wash, your home’s exterior.  Is this also going to be a DIY project? Do you have the proper pressure cleaning or power cleaning machines and know the appropriate pressure needed for the job?  Many factors also go into pressure washing your home before painting that many individuals do not consider.

Hiring a professional painter?

  • Are you going to hire a contractor to tackle the painting of your home?  Based on your knowledge, availability of time and other factors, hiring a professional painter might be the best option for you.  However, everyone is different and you will have to make the decision on if and why to hire one.  A few suggested considerations include:
    • Don’t forget the HOA! If you are part of one, check beforehand.
    • Research the potential painters and get a few quotes. Many will offer free estimates and explain them.  They are professionals that have done this many times in the past for all sorts of properties.  They may provide you advice, suggestions or even uncover items that need attention.
    • Hiring a painting contractor is ultimately a personal preference. No matter, you should feel comfortable about your choice and that they will do the job properly.
    • Lastly, who’s responsible for preparing your home’s exterior prior to painting? Will the painter you hire do this or is the individual home owner responsible.  Make sure to discuss this and have a plan.  Many painters are very good at what they do, however, they are painters and not professional power washers.  They may lack the knowledge or equipment needed.

Painting the outside of your home isn’t something that is done often and can be a big investment.  So, doing it right is important.  Just like most things, starting the project off right or building the proper foundation for the job can help the progress of painting your home go smoothly.  The best way to do this, properly pressure cleaning the exterior of you home before you start painting.

If you are in the South Florida area including West Palm Beach or in or around Palm Beach, Broward or Martin counties and considering painting the exterior of your home or just in need of professional, quality power cleaning or pressure washing services, look no further than All Star Pressure Cleaning.

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