Why Hire a Professional Pressure Cleaning Company to clean your Roof in Wellington Florida?

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October 14, 2016
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June 4, 2017
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Why Hire a Professional Pressure Cleaning Company to clean your Roof in Wellington Florida?

Roof Pressure Cleaning Wellington FL | Power Cleaning Roof

Roof Pressure Cleaning Wellington Florida

If you live in Wellington Florida or the surrounding communities, more than likely you will encounter the need to pressure wash a roof at some point. When this time arises, many individuals often ponder whether to tackle the project themselves or hire a professional.

While the thought of buying a pressure washer from the local hardware store may seem appealing, it often is more hassle and can cause more damage than it is worth. If you are not experienced, you may use the wrong amount of pressure for the job. Too much pressure can cause damage to the roof tiles while not enough will leave the tiles dirty and may promote more mold/mildew or build up.

Quality, professional pressure cleaning companies come with their own equipment that is capable of cleaning all types of surfaces and can be adjusted to fit your roof and home’s needs.

When your home or building’s roof needs pressure cleaned, consider the following:

  • Why does your Roof need pressure washed?
    • The black and green spots you see on your roof are a good indicator you need to have your roof cleaned. These areas are not simply dust and dirt but often algae, mildew and/or mold! Left untreated, it can spread across your roof and even your gutters, siding and home causing more damage.
    • All Star Pressure Cleaning in Wellington, FL has the experience to properly remove unwanted debris and prevent permanent damage.
  • Safety and Experience:
    • Do-it-yourself pressure cleaning can be a nightmare. Figuring out the proper pressure to apply to remove debris and not damage you roof can take time and be frustrating.
    • Climbing up and down wet ladders, maneuvering on a wet roof and avoiding other potential hazards can be dangerous.
    • All Star Pressure Cleaning has the training and experience to properly operate equipment and safely maneuver around your property.
  • Save Time and Money:
    • When evaluating DIY roof cleaning, consider if it’s worth doing it yourself from a time and cost perspective.
    • Costs can add up—between the cost of a pressure washer and repair costs if you unintentionally damage your roof. Additionally, the risk of injury to yourself may not be worth possible savings.
    • Consider the time and effort to prep the equipment, cleaning solution and surrounding area to successfully complete the job versus the convenience of hiring a professional who will handle all prep and clean-up.
    • All Star Pressure Cleaning has the training and experience to thoroughly clean your roof in a timely, cost efficient manner.

All Star Pressure Cleaning was started by local firemen with a passion to help others. Since their inception in 2004, they have helped thousands of homeowners and local business owners throughout South Florida. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal, and they go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

To learn more about All Star Pressure Cleaning’s services or to request a free estimate on your Roof Cleaning or other pressure cleaning services such as Patios, Driveways, Decks or Fences, call 561-899-0100 or visit www.allstarpressurecleaning.com today!

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